Welcome to MLG, a leading provider of human-centred consulting, education, training and development services. Undeveloped human potential is the greatest opportunity that businesses have today. Join MLG as we collaborate with you to develop the powerhouse of skill and human capital that lies within your organisation. Discover the ways that we can support your journey in Mentoring, Learning and Growing.


Our Mission & Values


At MLG we recognise that we are only as successful as our clients are. As such, our mission is to provide our clients with accredited, professional, and effective human development services that produce outcomes-based solutions and results. We achieve this mission through our values of Mentoring, Learning and Growing - as encapsulated in our company name, MLG...

Mentoring is a powerful process of partnering with our clients to guide and support their development objectives. We work collaboratively with our clients to become a part of their successful journey. Through the development of professional and supportive relationships, we strive for service excellence resulting in trust from our clients that we can support their entire growth path.

Learning is key to any organisationís success, be it as a result of on-the-job business learning or through specific education, training and development interventions. We support our clients with focused, outcomes-based education, and training and development, that facilitates the empowerment of employees through skill and knowledge development.

Growing a business, or growing your capacity for efficiency and effectiveness in times of difficulty, requires the right people. And the right support. Without human development and the recruitment of the right employees or support staff, this cannot take place. We assist our clients to make the right choices in the recruitment and the business development processes.